Horror Stories

This is temporary while we work on it. The links on the fracking page that relate to ‘problems’ will be moved here leaving technical data on the fracking links.

No, not that kind!

  • EPA: 2 Parker County homes at risk of explosion after gas from ‘fracked’ well contaminates aquifer
    Natural gas from drilling that used the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing has contaminated a drinking-water aquifer in Parker County, putting two homes at risk of explosion and triggering a federal emergency order, the EPA said Tuesday.
  • Fracked in Arkansas
    Let it be known that Loren Hitchcock is the new director of the Arkansas Fish and Game. This is the individual that takes care of the bird and fish death investigations. He is wrapped up with Chesapeake Energy. Check this out: In a previous position, Hitchcock led negotiations in which the agency reached a contract with Chesapeake Energy Corp. for natural gas rights on commission land. The deal brought $32 million to the agency, with royalties to follow. The natural gas agreement was the focus of a lawsuit that claimed the proceeds should have gone to state general revenue, not to Game and Fish coffers. The suit was dismissed but is under appeal.
    This page also has pics of wells etc.
  • Fracked: Barnett Shale drilling chemicals found in blood and organs
    Bob and Lisa were told by their doctor to move out of their home withing 48 hours because it was too dangerous for them to stay after they were diagnosed with drilling chemicals in their blood and organs.
  • ‘Fracking’ Mobilizes Uranium in Marcellus Shale, UB Research Finds
    But University at Buffalo researchers have now found that that process — called hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”– also causes uranium that is naturally trapped inside Marcellus shale to be released, raising additional environmental concerns.

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3 Responses to Horror Stories

  1. quinton davis says:

    im currently writing an essay for fracking. yea well obviously there are big problems coming from it but the good that comes from it out ways the bad. If the fracking companies would be forced to follow the rules and laws like the disposal of fracking liquid then it would take care of most of these problems. this is a word that runs on natural gases oil etc so any way we can get these is a good idea. All you enviromentalist are so worried about global warming well fracking is much better on air pollution the oil and coal. So maybe if the government would step in on stricter policies things would change

    • PuterMan says:

      I gather since you are writing an essay that this is school or college work. It is the disposal of the fracking fluid that is the concern, more so than the actual fracking process itself. High pressure injection is what causes the earthquakes, however the fracking process is also a cause of pollution of drinking water supplies.

      Since the economics of fracking are dubious and fracking companies are getting deeper into debt, fracking is also the driving agent in vilifying Russia as the bad guy so the US can sell gas to Europe. In order to sell their gas thousands of Ukrainians need to die.

      Whilst I would call myself an environmentalist I would point out to you that “Global Warming” is simply a massive hoax perpetrated on the world by the bankers with the collusion of Governments to trade in carbon credits and extort tax. There is no scientifically provable “global Warming”. Yes, there is climate change, but that is a natural process driven mainly by the Sun. CO2 far from being a pollutant is essential for the survival of life on this planet. At the lowest ppm the planet was on the verge of extinction yet the greedy avaricious fools that drive the policy want to send us back there again simple so they can make a profit.

      Perhaps before you write your essay you shuld spend some time studying your subject before making observations.

  2. katie says:

    Thanks..in nc they are making it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals viz houseexplodes first responders cant tell victims hey you got x y z all over you. Money and jobs….no one even.cares…we are a doomed nation…and the earthquakes…some think sodom and gommarah exoded this way…maybe i shouldnt even care.anymore?

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