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14 Responses to Discussion

  1. Alec says:

    With the high cost of living and taxes, it’s tough to hold on to land that has been in the family for decades or even hundreds of years. There’s a lot of love for the land, especially if you and your ancestors have walked it, worked it, planted it,cultivated it, lived on it and plan to die on it. That’s a human life invested that can be taken away just because the taxes go unpaid. Blood, sweat and tears are on that land. I know. My family have lived here since before this was the USA and we are struggling. So I can understand why many would want to get money to help them pay their taxes. But no amount of money is worth ruining our most precious resource,water, forever. You can’t drink money. The Catskill Mountains of NY State- such a beautiful rural and wilderness area in upstate New York, with reservoirs that supply NY City with water. We have some of the purest freshwater in the world and want to keep it that way. This is what we are doing: http://www.sovereignpeople.net/index.html Check out the entire website and documents. Originally starting in the heart of the Catskills, this is now the fastest growing anti- fracking movement across NY state

    • PuterMan says:

      It is a regrettable fact that commercial interests and big fat envelopes get in the way of sanity.

      But no amount of money is worth ruining our most precious resource,water, forever.

      This is true. Of course it would not be for ever as far as Mother Earth is concerned since the damage would eventually be repaired, but it would certainly be the case for the life span of the human species at the current rate of headlong rush to destruction.

      Again unfortunately it is so common that the immediate gain for individuals far outweighs the common good (in all aspects of life) and thus legislation is needed to prevent such basically selfish actions.

  2. Joyce Hale is going to be giving the first of a two part series on Fracking tonight at St. Scholastica Monastery, 1301 S. Albert Pike, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Date: September 17 Time: 7:15 p.m. Hope you can attend!


  3. PuterMan says:

    I have just added a link to the news that France has banned fracking and deepwater off shore drilling


  4. Car Hire says:

    I guess you may want to put a twitter icon to your website. I just bookmarked this article, but I had to complete this by hand. Just my 2 cents.

    • PuterMan says:

      Many thanks for the suggestion. I have now enabled the site for Twitter, Facebook and all the rest of them (that are available to WordPress blogs)

      That was a worthwhile 2 cents! 🙂

  5. AlexHewett says:

    Is there any kind of organized movement to end fracking in Arkansas? I am interested because I am using the causes app on facebook to get residents state-wide organized and informed. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I will be putting up links to this site for everyone in my group to view.

  6. Cherryontop says:

    People of Greenbriar need to attend this meeting and demand action.


  7. slingshot says:

    Great Job! We need to fight this!

  8. slingshot says:

    Great job! The earthquakes can crack the cement casings in gas wells! Cement casing failure can cause water contamination.

  9. westcooast says:

    Butcherguy, I am hoping to see more residents from the affected area join and share their stories. We need to hear them. The world needs to hear them. What is happening in Arkansas is an example of the destruction occuring around the world.

  10. butcherguy1 says:

    As a Pennsylvania resident, I want to stand firm against fracking. The big energy companies have bought off the state governments in many states now, allowing them to frack at will, with very little regulation.
    It has to stop. It poisons the groundwater and causes the ground under us to destabilize.

    Call your state representatives and your US Congressman and Senators and tell them it has to stop. Pass the word to your friends and neighbors.

  11. robinmarks13 says:

    I stand united with all those affected in Arkansas by the practises of the Gas Industry. The people of Arkansas and other states with fracking and well injection need their voices heard and the truth needs to be shared. The frontline in the struggle is in Faulkner County. Because the residents are experiencing a swarm of earthquakes, their air and water are threatened. And if the injection caused earthquakes trigger other siesmic networks, the Gas Industry would be responsible for causing the biggest disaster in US history. The fracking in Arkansas is going to set off a catastrophic chain reaction. Time is not on our side. Stop fracking now.

    Edit by admin: Robin I have used your text as the basis for a sticky post. Hope that is OK?

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