Fracking must stop!

We stand united with all those affected in Arkansas by the practises of the Gas Industry.

Stop fracking now and make proper open investigations into the problems and associated risks of hydraulic fracturing and high pressure disposal injection.

The people of Arkansas and other states with fracking and well injection need their voices heard and the truth needs to be shared. The front-line in the struggle is in Faulkner County, Arkansas. Because the residents are experiencing a swarm of earthquakes, their air and water are threatened.

I does not matter if geologists believe fracking causes earthquakes or not. The fact is that there is totally undeniable evidence that it poisons drinking water wells. That alone is more than enough reason to STOP!

If the injection were to cause earthquake triggers to other seismic zones, namely the New Madrid fault, the Gas Industry would be responsible for causing the biggest disaster in US history.

The hydraulic fracturing in Arkansas could set off a catastrophic chain reaction. Time is not on our side.

Please scroll down for comments and some excellent videos.


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42 Responses to Fracking must stop!

  1. Alec says:

    We drafted a law to criminalize fracking in New York State Check out the entire website and documents. Originally starting in the heart of the Catskills, this is now the fastest growing anti- fracking movement across NY state. The Catskill mountains of New York State are really an eroded plateau of sedementary rock very similar to the Ozarks and we are under threat of fracking here. what we are doing to combat fracking here can work for you.

  2. jamie says:

    Do you know how many peolpe would lose their job if the gas drilling stopped here in Arkansas.Does fracturing cause earthquakes,pollute the ground,maybe I don’t know,but what I do know it has helped tens of thousands of people with great paying jobs and benefits.I only have a high school education and I made more money hauling frac sand last year than most college graduates.I bet yur not worried about the environment when driving around in yur car,heating yur house.Where should the petroleum products come from? The middle east.when u start living without any of the amenities of modern day things including the internet because its causing pollution in its own ways,they have to have factories to build computers,phones,etc. So jump on into the 2000s and support our economy,turn up the heat in yur house and enjoy. Your welcome

    • PuterMan says:

      Nobody said gas drilling has to stop. It is hydraulic fracturing that causes the problems. Also, just because something creates jobs does not make it right. You could say the same about the sex industry.

    • Who said the petroleum products SHOULD come from anywhere?

      • TominGb says:


        I agree that a lot people are getting paid very well (most from out of state.) Some much more than others. Some, in truth are being robbed blind and family lands stolen. When do we start to look at the big picture and realize that trading Arkansas’ natural resources to the profit of a few isn’t good stewardship of what makes this state a great place to live. We’re basically swapping our water for gas to sell to China. I just hope we all learn to drink lp gas.

  3. ConcernedinGreenbrier says:

    Worthwhile Organizations against Fracking:

    Mays and White Attorney’s Heber Springs
    Jeff Pistole Van Buren County Oil & Gas Advisory Committee Clinton
    Save Greers Ferry Lake POBox 150 Heber Springs 72543

    It’s your move.

  4. ConcernedinGreenbrier says:

    If we do nothing, they will rape this land. Stand up, vote the Shale Caucus out of the State legislature. Get behind someone who is leading a challenge against this madness !!

  5. Monte says:

    Smoking gun on manmade earthquakes</strong?

  6. Monte says:

    Arkansas Quakes May Be Linked to Gas Industry

    This is the title of a aprx 6min segment on the Ozarks at Large program that airs Mon-Fri on Fayetteville’s NPR radio station, KUAF. Here is the link to the page…once there just put earthquakes in the search box and click apply. Friday March, 11, 2011 should come up. Now scroll down till you see AR Quakes May Be Linked to Gas Industry and click play.

    Here’s the description provided for this segment (bold emphasis added by me):

    Scientists believe natural gas drilling operators in Arkansas may have disturbed an ancient underground fault. And as Jacqueline Froelich reports, seismologists with the Center for Earthquake Research in Memphis have elevated a potential earthquake risk.

  7. Monte says:

    Amy Goodman – Democracy Now – EPA and Fracking
    Part I

    Part II

  8. Jonno Norton says:

    Oh, and go follow @StopFrackingAR on twitter too if you’re on twitter.

  9. Jonno Norton says:

    This is such a great cause, thank you for taking it up everyone who is commenting here and to the author. We all have to work together to stop fracking now! If you’re wondering what you can do, go to your Facebook page and find the Stop Hydraulic Fracturing In Arkansas and Stop Fracking Now! groups and join them, then share them to your wall EVERY DAY! We have to WORK NOW to stop this before it breaks our ecosystem completely!

  10. Monte says:

    West Texas has two earthquakes at fracking sites.

  11. Theisolbee says:

    I asked my boss – a petroleum engineer – if fracing was a possible cause of these earthquakes in Arkansas. His reply was a definative “NO”.

  12. Monte says:

    Within the youtube social community there is a network of weather and earth changes “nerds” who are constantly monitoring earthquake activity, volcanoes and extreme weather that is occurring around the globe. And, there are also some that focus on solar activity. I frequently tune into this network of citizen weather journalists to see what’s happening as the info they report is not covered by the main stream media (MSM). Following is a video by youtuber, dutchsinse, who is one of these earth changes reporters. dutch is located in St. Louis, MO. In this video he talks about the quakes that happened in AR last night.

  13. Monte says:

    Note: that 4.7 quake that just occurred less than an 1hr ago in Greenbriar…we felt it here in Fort Smith. I find it odd that just a few min before the shake, I was on the AGS website looking at the quake map but there was no activity showing since the 25th. Then I went to the Intellicast Weather Active Map to see what it was showing and, for the first time since I’ve been going to this site, the map would not come up at all. Just before I began adding this comment I checked AGS again and still nothing new showing. Also, about the quake, our two cats gave absolutely no indication that it was coming. I have always heard that the animals will let you know. Hmmm….not this time. Okay, one more oddity about this event and that is…the shake didn’t come up through the floor. Instead it seemed to come through a specific section in one wall. But…my wife and I live in a duplex and the person occupying the other side of the house immediately called me up and asked if I felt that. I told him what I felt and he told me his whole place shook. Hmmm…that doesn’t make sense.

    • grandpadavid says:

      The shake coming through the wall will be from the S-wave as the ground accelerated.

      Looks like it reached intensity V (5) at the epicentre.

      Was the section of the wall facing the direction of the quake?

      • Monte says:

        No, the section of wall…and when I say section I’m talking about an 8’x8′ area on a wall that is 12.4′ x 12’…faces to the SW. I was sitting right in fron of this section and felt the wave move right behind me. My wife was on the sofa right across from where the “wave” entered (aprx 12′ away) and although she really didn’t feel anything, she instantly got a headache. The other part of this duplex is located behind where we are and the people who live there, as I mentioned in an earlier post, said the whole place shook.

        I have experienced quakes in both LA and Portland, Or. and this experience last night was nothing like my previous two experiences.

  14. Monte says:

    This video from RT New was uploaded to youtube late this afternoon.

  15. Monte says:

    Here’s the second video clip:

    • grandpadavid says:

      Wow, excellent video. Not perhaps directly relevant to Arkansas other than to show that the MSM lie but a MUST VIEW for everyone. This needs to go out in an email to get it circulating.


  16. Monte says:

    What I am about to say and the two videos I’m about to add to this thread (one in this post and other in my next post) may at first seem non sequitur. But, if you watch and listen to the messages relayed via the video clips, I think you will see the connection and application between the two messages and what is happening in Central AR and beyond.

    I have numerous “monteisms” which are what I call the sundry nuggets of wisdom that I have gathered along the many paths whereon my life’s journey has taken me. Basically, they are a means for me to remind myself of important lessons learned. Following are my top five monteisms that I would like to share with you.

    1) Things, circumstances, situations, “facts”, people (including myself) are very rarely what they appear to be.

    2) One never REALLY knows who they are talking to. Keep in mind, every single person represents an extensive network of contacts and communication lines. The six degrees of separation theory is probably much closer to fact than theory.

    3) If you allow people to communicate freely to you and listen closely, they will always tell you who they are and what they’re planning to do.

    4) Do not get attached to conclusions as doing so will greatly limit one’s perception and perspective. Instead, convert conclusions to scenarios and plot the scenarios on a sliding scale of probability.

    5) Incredibility is an enormously effective way to hide something in plain view. When a person encounters an incredibility they will, in some way or another, reject and/or nullify it. For instance: laughter is a rejection of the absurd.

    Now here’s the first video clip:

  17. Monte says:

    Are you aware that the earthquake swarms that have been occurring in central AR have become a popular topic of videos on youtube? For example: On the Dr. Bill Deagle radio show today the quakes in AR, fracking, the New Madrid and more were discussed. In the video linked to below, they begin talking about AR at aprox 3:12.

    Note: if you click my name above it will link you to my youtube channel. On the right hand side you will see my New Madrid Seismic Zone playlist. There’s numerous videos in that playlist that have something to do with the New Madrid fault line as well as the quakes in AR. You might want to have a look.

  18. This link is for our Facebook group “Friends of Arkansas Against Fracking”…please come join and send the message out to your friends to do the same. There is something to the old adage “strength in numbers”!

  19. Toots says:

    “GREENBRIER, AR – A jolt and quick shaking Friday morning, a result of the strongest recorded earthquake in Central Arkansas in over 10 years and one of over 65 this week. They’re all happening in the Greenbrier / Guy area.” Posted on Feb. 18, …..

  20. Laura says:

    Well done!!! Lets get this show on the road and the word out!!! 🙂

  21. megabogie1 says:

    This is a complete outrage. An area known for seismic activity is actually being instigated into blowing up. The state of Arkansas and the gas companies are no different than present day Libya….only Arkansas and the tycoons are taking their time killing the people . All in the name of the almighty dollar. How can this even be legal? Very informative blog you have here…I will be sure to check it constantly when I need to get fired up about the terrible things that greed can accomplish.

  22. VeniVidi says:

    Looking forward to reading the information forthcoming on this Blog. Been following along on ATS. As a resident of Southern Illinois I am concerned that the Fracking could be the cause for the recent swarm of EQ happening in Arkansas.

  23. CorporalE says:

    The depth and scope of fracking is something that everyone in the world needs to learn about. It is my hope that the information found here is shared as quickly as possible, as we are letting these giant Gas companies cry havoc, and they are unleashing the hounds of war upon us this very minute!

  24. Cherryontop says:

    Awesome work.
    For anyone visiting here not familiar with the movie Gasland, it is a MUST see.
    It is available to anyone with HBO on demand, in the Documentary section under the feature length selection.
    It is available also @
    or here:
    Google it, I think it’s somewhere on Netflix as well.
    Spread the word, take a stand.

    Companies that own active wells in Faulkner county, Arkansas:

    Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
    Clarita Operating, LLC
    Deep Six Water Disposal Services, LLC
    SEECO, Inc.
    XTO Energy, Inc.

    Other companies named specifically in the movie are Haliburton, Chesapeak, Encana, Williams and Cabot Oil & Gas .

  25. westcooast says:

    Welcome everyone. I look forward to learning and sharing information with as many people as possible.

  26. researchit333 says:

    What is going on in Arkansas is an absolute crying shame. The more I look into the subject of fracking the more I wonder how they can get away with this one second longer! We must find a way to get the word out on this and make a difference.

    I’m in!

    • researchit333 says:

      Arkansas Friend (me) facebook page….…file.php?id=100002077642177&sk=wall#!/profile.php?id=100002077642177&sk=info

      This page is dedicated to informing all who will listen about the dangers of fracking. Please give it a look and forward the link…we are trying to get as many people involved as possible! Thanks!

  27. nts1960 says:

    Excellent. Thank you. I’m really looking forward to following this blog.

  28. Kaiser Soze says:

    Thanks for posting this! There is a lot of information out there, keep digging and learning folks. These activities are nothing short of criminal and MUST be exposed. The more who understand the process and the inherent risks and pollution involved the better.

    Stand up and tell them “No Fracking Way”!!

  29. robinmarks13 says:

    Thank you.

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